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What is a Home Warranty?

A Home Warranty is an agreement between the homeowner and Southern Home Warranty and Maintenance, Inc. whereby Southern Home Warranty agrees to provide services to replace and/or repair covered systems or appliances that malfunction from normal wear and tear, as provided in the terms and conditions in the Plan purchased by the homeowner.

A Home Warranty is NOT insurance.  Insurance provides coverage for unforeseen perils, while a home warranty provides services to repair and replace covered appliances and systems in your home due to normal wear and tear that is foreseeable and predictable.

The basics of Coverage

Southern Home Warranty and Maintenance, Inc. will provide services for covered systems or appliances that malfunction, and are reported, during the term of the Plan that:

• Are located within the interior of the main foundation of the home and garage.

• Were correctly installed and working properly on the effective date of the Plan.

• Have become inoperable due to normal wear and tear after the effective date of coverage.


Order A Warranty

A home warranty is an important process and here at Southern Home Warranty, we want to make that process easy for you. Follow the link below to start the home warranty process.

Benefits For Real Estate Professionals

A home warranty offers your client protection against costly repairs and replacement of appliances and major home systems. It is an inexpensive way to provide your client peace of mind, whether a seller or buyer in the real estate transaction. Southern Home Warranty makes it easy to order a home warranty and defer payment until the property closes. Choosing a home warranty with Southern Home Warranty and Maintenance, Inc., you will provide your client with the local service from a local home service contract provider.

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