Here at Southern Home Warranty, we want to make the tasks of owning a new home simple and easy.

What is a Home Warranty?

A home warranty is an agreement between the homeowner and Southern Home Warranty and Maintenance, Inc. whereby Southern Home Warranty agrees to provide services to replace and/or repair covered systems or appliances that malfunction pursuant to the terms and conditions stated in the Plan purchased by the homeowner.

A Home Warranty is NOT insurance. Insurance provides coverage for unforeseen perils, while a home warranty provides services to repair and replace covered appliances and systems in your home due to normal wear and tear that are foreseeable and predictable.

What is covered?

Southern Home Warranty and Maintenance, Inc. will provide services for covered systems or appliances that malfunction, and are reported, during the term of the Plan that:

1. Are located within the interior of the main foundation of the home and garage (inside the load-bearing walls of the structure).Systems or appliances located on the exterior or outside of the home (including porch, patio, etc.) are not covered.

2. Were correctly installed and working properly on the effective date of the Plan.

3. Have become inoperable due to normal wear and tear, after the effective date of coverage. Pre-existing conditions are not covered.

Why Purchase a Home Warranty?

Having a home warranty in place means protection against unexpected and costly breakdowns, repairs and replacement of home appliances and A/C and heating units can be costly, unwanted and daunting tasks when you have purchased a new home. A home warranty with Southern Home Warranty and Maintenance Inc. offers comfort and peace of mind because we are a local, family-owned company that is dedicated to providing the best in customer service to our community. Our service provider is an established, family-owned company that has the experience needed to provide the service, maintenance, and repairs required under your home warranty.

What to do in case of emergency?

If you have an emergency situation that endangers the health and safety of any individual in your home, you should contact local emergency responders by calling 911.

In case of a MAINTENANCE EMERGENCY, we will make reasonable efforts to expedite service, including initiating our service efforts within 24 hours.

A maintenance emergency is defined as a service issue resulting in the following:

  • No electricity, gas, water, or toilet facilities to the entire home;
  • A condition that immediately endangers health and safety;
  • A condition that interferes with healthcare support of the occupants of the home; and/or
  • A system malfunction that is causing ongoing damage to the home.

You may request emergency services by calling our toll-free number at 1-888-404- 5051 or by emailing your service request to [email protected] or by logging into your customer portal. You may request emergency service outside of normal business hours by emailing your service request to [email protected] or by logging into your customer portal.


Here at Southern Home Warranty, we want to make the tasks of owning a new home simple and easy.

Warranty Benefits

The Seller

If you are selling your home, then a home warranty is a great, inexpensive incentive for a prospective buyer to purchase your home. It provides the prospective buyer peace of mind regarding the condition of the home appliances and major home systems such as heating and air conditioning units.

The Buyer

If you are buying a home, it is not unusual to request for the seller to purchase a home warranty, or to purchase a home warranty for yourself. Requesting or purchasing a home warranty is an inexpensive way to secure coverage for predictable and potentially, cost repairs to your major home appliances and home systems, such as your heating and air-conditioning units. Why not let us take care of your appliance and home system repairs, and provide you with peace of mind?

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